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How can we worship over the course of our day, every day? How can we incorporate worship into our daily routines and transform mundane tasks into meaningful acts of devotion, celebrating our journey with God? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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Hello, welcome to Walking in Step with God. I am Steve McDonald. Today we explore the topic “Worship Every Day”. We all have lives that involve daily routines, even mundane tasks, but how can we incorporate our walk with God into our day, every day?

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, school, and managing a household, but how can we take steps to show our appreciation and gratitude to God each day as well? Today, we will discuss 3 ways to worship every day. Let us explore practical ways that we can keep God in the forefront of our minds, even as we navigate through the course of an active and busy day. Let us learn how our worship can be a fundamental part of everyday life.

Before we dive in, why don’t we take a quick break? I will be right back.

Welcome back. Let’s continue in our discussion of 3 ways to worship every day.

Most of us have responsibilities and obligations over the course of our day. It can be as mundane and simple as doing household chores or working on an important project in our workplace. In both of these scenarios, it can be very easy to forget the importance of how God shows up in our lives each day – and the opportunities we have to show Him our thanks and gratitude.

Let’s dive into 3 ways we can make worship a part of our life every day.

#1 Worship through journaling

Whether you are very new in your journey of faith or have been walking with God for decades, we all have examples of God’s influence in our lives. Memories of these moments may be difficult to recall over time. What better way to record your faith journey than by journaling? Journaling helps us to remember details of important events in our lives. Journaling over the course of our walk with God gives us a space to record our thoughts, our concerns, our celebrations, and our testimonies. It even gives us a space to write down our prayers, thoughts, and dialog with God.

I have been journaling every day for several years and it has truly allowed me to organize my thoughts when communicating with God and reflecting on the journey of my walk with Him. From time to time, I can pick up a journal from my past and reflect on a moment in time of my faith. As memories fade, journaling presents itself as a tool to create an enduring chronicle of our spiritual journey, preserving the milestones and progress we have made in our faith

#2 Worship through marveling at nature

I don’t know about you, but it is almost impossible to wrap my head around the awe and majesty of nature. I am talking about everything from the beautiful oak tree at the park to the rugged coastline of northern California to the beautiful displays of the cosmos that are millions of light-years away. I believe that our brains are truly incapable of grasping the limitless wonders of nature.

What we can do, however, is make time each day to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature in our neighborhoods, our parks, and our recreational areas. I am very fortunate to live nearby many forms of nature – forests, oceans, plains, and mountains are all just a short drive away from me. I love to go on road trips because I can be up close to nature as I travel through areas full of wonderful sights. I have witnessed things on the road that blew my mind with beauty. Rolling green hills, expansive plains, and turbulent but beautiful rivers. To know that all of it -all of it- was created by God leaves me humbled and awestruck. You don’t need to hit the open road to enjoy nature.  For most of us, it can be as simple as walking out of our homes and around the block. If we live in a congested city, then perhaps we can walk, drive, or take public transit to a nearby park.

Taking some time to explore nature each day allows you to take in God’s beauty and worship Him by soaking in all of the beauty He has created. Making time with nature not only gives you an opportunity to worship but being in nature can also improve your mood and your overall well-being.


#3 Worship through your actions

One of the most powerful and influential ways we can worship is through our actions. We can worship God by showing kindness to others. We can worship God by demonstrating to Him our obedience to the guidance of His Word. We can worship God by serving others and giving of our time, resources, and skills. 

There are so many ways that we can perform acts of worship in our workplace, our schools, and even out and about as we move through our day.

Here are some practical examples of worshiping through your actions. Be extra courteous on the road. Leave a generous tip when you go out for a meal. Opening a door for a stranger. Call a friend or loved one to check in and see how they are doing. Pick up litter or clean an area of your neighborhood. Donate to causes important to you. I could go on and on.

The point here is that through your actions, especially your selfless actions, you worship God by demonstrating to Him your willingness to live a life that includes giving and not just receiving.

As an aside, I encourage you to ask God to use you to help others in need. Be prepared for Him to send you on assignment to a time and place where you will be able to impact the life of another.


 Wrap Up

In today’s message, we discussed 3 ways to worship every day. We learned that worship through journaling is a powerful way to record your thoughts, your prayers, and important moments in your walk of faith. Journaling can also be used as an outlet for praise and recording testimony that otherwise may be difficult to remember many years from now. We explored the opportunity to worship through nature. We learned how important it is to make time, even if just for a few minutes to get out and around nature. Lastly, we discussed the impact of worship through your actions. There are so many opportunities over the course of a day to perform acts of selflessness that honor God and deepen your faith.

Make worship part of your day, every day. By establishing a strong connection with God and making Him a central aspect of your life, daily worship can become a deeply rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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