Topic - Receiving God’s Love

Discover the transformative power of Receiving God’s Love. Explore how to open your heart and experience a deeper connection with God, as you learn to let go of fear, doubt, and self-judgment. Allow the healing power of God’s love to transform your life and bring you joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Trust in God’s Plan – Not Your Own

Do we really need God when we think up our plans in life? Are we perfectly capable of creating rock-solid plans without any need for intervention? Do we know what is best for us, or does God? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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God is Preparing You and Your Path

Is our path in life really up to us? Do we really have any control as we pursue our hopes and dreams? Does walking with God have any effect on our personal growth or our goals in life? 🤔Let’s discuss.

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God is in the Room

How do we know if God is with us? Is faith alone enough when we are in fear or all alone? How can we know if God is in the room? 🤔Let’s discuss.

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