Our Mission

Walking in Step with God cuts through to the heart of the matter. We deliver straightforward, transparent, matter-of-fact truth that is missing today.

God wants to meet you where you are, no matter who you are, regardless of your spiritual or religious affiliation.

Whether you are an agnostic on the fence about God, affiliated with religion but know something is missing, or maybe struggling with faith, here you will find the truth about God and His desire to walk with you every day, all day – for life.

how to seek god

We seek to give truth that guides, informs, and educates. We focus on God, His character, and how to have a relationship with Him using common truths about God found and personal experiences.

Through weekly videos, podcasts, and written content, Walking in Step with God seeks to deliver consistent content that encourages connection with God making truth accessible to anyone anywhere.

We have built a Walking in Step with God Community where we seek to nurture and foster those who want to grow and dig deeper in their walk with God. We have fostered a community that seeks to understand what it means to walk in step with God. We provide a welcoming and open community that invites and encourages questions.

The community is also for those on a journey to explore and understand the Word of God through scripture and what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We hope you will find support and courage to walk boldly, increasing in knowledge and understanding of His will. At Walking in Step with God, we can grow in faith together, learning how to walk in step with God.


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