Is Your Reality Fair?

Why do we experience suffering when we are trying to walk in step with God? Does God have a plan that includes allowing us to experience struggle? Is our reality fair when we are trying to live as God asks us to live, but our lives are filled with adversity and struggle even as those around us who don’t care about God seem to be happy and carefree? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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It can be tempting to compare ourselves to others around us.  I can think of two scenarios where we may feel life is unfair when we compare ourselves to others.

Is Your Reality Fair?

One scenario is when we feel as though we are doing all the right things to live a life that is pleasing to God, but we still feel as though our circumstances are unfair when compared to others in our lives who are also seemingly doing all the right things.

A second scenario is circumstances are unfair when compared to someone who quite openly rejects the notion of God or lives a lifestyle that exhibits behaviors that are far from God. 

In both cases, we should be very careful before going down this train of thought. For one, it is an opportunity to let envy, ego, and pride seep into our minds.  We must resist the temptation to dwell on these thoughts.

Why might your reality be different from someone you know who is also faithful to God?

Why might your reality be different from someone you know who is also faithful to God?  Perhaps, you compare yourself to someone who is also walking with God, and from the best you can tell, they are not experiencing the same frequency or intensity of struggles that you are.  Perhaps, you both attend the same place of worship.  You both study Scripture.  You pray with one another and both praise God, but you are struggling and they are not.  From your point of view, they are experiencing far more blessings than you. 

Let’s examine 2 reasons your reality may be different from someone you know who is also faithful to God.

#1 God has a plan As mentioned in many of our messages, God has a plan.  He has a plan for you and for the individual that you know is faithful.  God seeks to prepare us for His plans for our life.  The more we seek to align ourselves with God’s will, the more aligned we will be with His plan for us.  

#2 There may be a change needed in us While we may not know what goes on behind closed doors with the faithful, God sees all.  If you are wondering why the friend you know who is faithful seems to have a level of blessing and anointing that is different from yours, consider that God may be waiting for a change in you.  I can speak to this personally, that over the last 10-15 years of learning about God and growing closer to Him, the blessing in my life has increased the more I moved away from unholy habits and comforts of the world’s culture.  

For example, my life is different now than when I used to use profanity in the way I communicated with family and friends.  My life is different now than when I used to ignore homeless individuals on the street. My life is different now than when I used to watch TV and movies full of sex, violence, and profanity.  It is just -different-. It is blessed, and I feel a level of peace and anointing that I never did in the past.

Perhaps the one you observe who is faithful has learned just as I have that you can’t have it both ways.  In my experience, you can not partake in the comforts of man and culture and still  experience the same level of blessing and anointing that you would if you did not. In my experience, these quite simply cannot co-exist. We all have free will, and we all must choose.  If you are unsure if your behaviors are blocking blessing and anointing, ask God to reveal anything about you or your behaviors that may be getting in the way of less struggle and more blessing.  If you do, be prepared for Him to reveal to you and be prepared to choose.

Why might your reality be different from someone you know who is far from God? 

Let’s have a look at another scenario. You are doing all of the right things and find yourself struggling, but your neighbor who thumbs her nose at the idea of God seems to have it all together.  This is more than likely the more common of the two scenarios we have touched on today.  You go out of your way to steer clear of the ways of the world and the ways of our culture that are quite clearly turned away from God and focused on the comforts created by man.

You are prayerful.  You spend time with God each day to strengthen your relationship with Him.  You are mindful of the words you speak.  You are mindful of the things you allow yourself to watch or listen to.  You are giving and kind to those who are in need.  You attend your place of worship on a regular basis.  You are completely devoted to God, yet your friend who does not do all of these things and rejects the notion of God seems to have it all together.

Let’s examine 2 reasons why your reality may be different from someone you know who is far from God.

#1 God has a plan As mentioned earlier in this message, the same rings true if you are struggling compared to someone who is far from God. God has a plan to grow you and align you with a plan that is best for you.  I can absolutely recall times in my life when I felt as though I was prioritizing a lifestyle that I thought would be pleasing to God, yet I encountered trials and tribulation that I thought was very unfair, especially given my dedication to God.

In hindsight, I realize things now that I did not at the time.  For one, I realize that my steadfastness during my trials was a beacon of light to others who were far from God.  I suspect it was confusing for them to see me remain strong at times when I should have crumbled in a ball of sorrow and despair.  I realize that they must have witnessed me in prayer in moments I struggled at my desk at work.  I am hopeful this sparked curiosity about the value of my actions in prayer to someone who is unfamiliar with prayer but willing to explore a relationship with God.  Another consideration is that I felt tested by God.  I felt that He was giving me a scenario to see if I would run to the world’s comforts or run to Him when I did not know what to do.  I believe it is in these moments of testing that my running to Him prepared me for a future plan that He knows that I am capable of trusting Him when things seem difficult.

#2 Appearances are not always what they seem Many of us have heard of the term ‘The grass is not always greener on the other side’.  I think this phrase rings true when it comes to observing others who are far from God and seem to have it all together as compared to the faithful when we are struggling.

Perhaps, your friend has a great job and a great social life and appears to be in a state of elation most of the time. They have money, popularity, and all of the things that can come with it.  Fame, status, material things, and much more.  If this person is far from God and they admit as such, appearances that they are better off than you may not be as it may seem.

Wealth and fame may bring happiness but it is temporary as compared to the love of God which is for all eternity.  Wealth and fame may comfort you to a point, but nothing penetrates the heart with peace and love as you will experience with the love of God.

Wrap Up

Today, we have discussed perspectives to consider when examining reality in our lives.  We reviewed things to consider if we feel as though our reality seems unfair as compared to others in our lives who are also faithful.  We also reviewed some things to consider when it comes to people in our lives who live a lifestyle far from God but seem to have it all together as compared to us.  

In both cases, when we wonder why our reality seems unfair, let us consider that God has a perfect plan for us and that part of that plan may require discomfort, adversity and even suffering in order to prepare us for a future that He knows is best for us.

If this message speaks to you and you feel your reality is unfair, ask God to reveal to you if there is anything in your life that is keeping you in a space of struggle.  Ask God to reveal to you His plan and His will for your life and allow Him to lead, guide, and order your steps.

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