Will He Say Yes, or No? Both Answers Are For Your Good.

When we bring a request to God, what do we really want to hear in response? Is ‘Yes’ the only response we are willing to accept? Are we really ok with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’? If God responds with ‘No’, is that for our own good? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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When we bring our urgent requests, or in other words, petitions before God, what is it that we are truly seeking? Are we hoping deep down that He will agree with our request and say ‘Yes’ or do we seek what is best for us? 

Will He Say Yes, or No? Both Answers Are For Your Good

While there are several forms of prayer and contexts in which we pray before God, In this message, I would like to focus on the prayer of petition.  In this type of prayer, we are typically requesting something with urgency.  This may be a request for an answer to a question, direction for a decision, or even provisions for a need such as food or shelter.  If we ask God, He will supply us with what we need, even though we may not agree on the need that He has in mind as compared to the need that we seek.

When we bring a prayer of petition before God, often the answer from God can be one of Yes or No.  Let’s discuss each of these responses in more detail.

When God Says No

First, let’s tackle the more difficult of the two responses to a prayer of petition – when God says ‘No’.

‘No’ from God can show up in a number of ways.  Here are just a few.  You didn’t get the job or the promotion.  You didn’t get the winning bid on the house.  The diagnosis from the doctor remains or has even worsened. The relationship you knew was just perfect seems to be hounded by obstacles and complications.  

‘No’ from God can be very in our face and immediate and also in a more subtle form that we learn over the course of time.  Here are a few things to consider when God says ‘No’.

#1  ‘No’ may actually be ‘Not now’.  There may be times that God in fact has said ‘Yes’ to your petition but not at the timing you have in mind.  This could be for any number of reasons.  Perhaps there is timing in the future that is a better time to experience the ‘Yes’ of your request.   Perhaps God knows you are not actually ready ‘yet’ for what you are assuming you are.

#2 ‘No’ may be for your own good.  There may be times when ‘No’ is for your own good.  Only God knows the factors and considerations that are beyond what you perceive in the natural.  If you are prayerful for an outcome that God knows would put you in harm’s way, and you are trusting in Him for your protection, then the response to this request may very well be ‘No’.

#3 ‘No’ may be to align with God’s will.  If we bring a prayer of petition before God that is not of His will, we should not expect Him to go against His own will.  God’s wisdom and knowledge are absolute and complete.  His will is perfect and our sense of knowledge and understanding is incomplete at best. If God says ‘No’, let us consider that what we request is not His will.

When God Says Yes 

We have touched on a few reasons as to why God may say ‘No’ to a prayer of petition.  What does a response of ‘Yes’ actually mean?  Here are a few things to consider when God says ‘Yes’.

#1 You are aligned with God’s will.  Rejoice! If God says ‘Yes’, you can celebrate by knowing that your heart’s desires are aligning more and more with God’s will for your life.  In our walk with God, we should all consider that the best way to walk with God is to continually seek His will.  In doing so, including through prayers of petition, we can be assured we are aligning with God’s plan for us.

#2 God sees your desire to imitate His ways.  If we seek out ways to not only honor God but demonstrate the character of God on the earth, He is likely to support the requests that will allow us to imitate Him.  For example, if we pray to be led to individuals who are in need, God will most certainly place people in our path in such a way that we can be used as a vessel to fellowship and even assist them. 

#3 God is opening a door for you.  If we bring a prayer of petition before God, we may see His response in the form of an opportunity that was not previously known.  God’s response may also come in the form of promotion or increase.  In all of these situations, God may be presenting you with a door that is an invitation for you to enter.  In walking through the door presented to You,  He may elevate you into a new season and level of blessing that may even align with your heart’s desire in a way you could not have anticipated.

Wrap Up

In today’s message, we discussed many considerations to keep in mind when a prayer of petition results in a response from God of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  

We touched on several reasons that God may respond with ‘No’, including the fact that it is not of His will.  ‘No’ may also be due to the fact that it is to protect us from our very request.  

We also touched on reasons God may say ‘Yes’.  We can celebrate by knowing that a ‘Yes’ from God is an opportunity to know that we are aligned with His will.  We can also celebrate by knowing that a ‘Yes’ may be a door that God is opening as an invitation to elevate us, grow us, and allow us to experience a new level of blessing that we have not previously known.  

Whether God says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, we can rest assured that in both cases, God knows best and His response is for our good.  God does not lead us astray.  God leads us and guides us to a perfect plan that only He knows.  We need only seek and obey His guidance in all that we do.  In doing so, we can know that God’s perfect plan for us is always within our sights.

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