Topic - God’s anointing

Discover the power of God’s anointing in your life and ministry. Learn what it means to be anointed, how to seek God’s anointing, and how to use it to fulfill your purpose. Whether you’re a pastor, a leader, or someone seeking to deepen your relationship with God, messages in this topic can help you walk in greater authority and effectiveness.

Is Your Reality Fair?

Why do we experience suffering when we are trying to walk in step with God? Does God have a plan that includes allowing us to experience struggle? Is our reality fair when we are trying to live as God asks us to live, but our lives are filled with...

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God is Preparing You and Your Path

Is our path in life really up to us? Do we really have any control as we pursue our hopes and dreams? Does walking with God have any effect on our personal growth or our goals in life? 🤔Let’s discuss.

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