Worship With Praise

How can we use music to show praise to God? Is there a right way and a wrong way to praise? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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Hello, welcome to Walking in Step with God. I am Steve McDonald. This month, our theme is the power of worship. Today, we will explore how to worship with Praise. First, let’s clear up the definition of praise. So, what is praise? Praise is the idea of giving thanks and honor to God, typically through singing and music. God is delighted by our praise, so let us seek to incorporate praise into our lives as a fundamental part of our walk with Him.

Of course, music with praise can be in so many forms. You can have music with singing only, music with instruments and singing, or even music that is only instruments. All of the above can be considered forms of praise.

Today we discuss three ways you can show praise to God through music. Let’s explore ways that we can express gratitude and thanks to God in a way that uses our heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Before we dive in, why don’t we take a quick break? I will be right back.

Welcome back. Let’s continue our discussion on 3 specific ways that we can worship with praise.

#1 Raise your voice with others

The first way we can worship with praise is by singing with others. This is most likely to occur in our places of worship as a band plays music and the congregation sings along. By singing with others, we are bringing ourselves before God as a community and expressing our praise and thanks as one!

I don’t believe it matters too much of the type of music. Every house of worship has different types of musical styles. For example, I’ve been in a church where the band played instruments with flutes, violins, and clarinet, very similar to classical music and we as the congregation sang from a hymnal. I’ve been in a church where there is a band playing very contemporary style music in a concert-like setting where the congregation sings along to lyrics displayed on a screen. 

I believe God’s presence is where there is praise and therefore I believe God’s presence is with us in whatever form of praise we use. What matters most is that many are coming before God as one to express thanks, gratitude, and love to their creator, the almighty God.

#2 Sing solo

Have you ever sung a song in the shower? What about turning up the music while driving and singing along at the top of your voice, knowing that no one can hear you? :-) Whether it is humming along to the tune of your favorite worship and praise music, or belting out in song with passion at the top of your lungs, singing out a song before God shows him your love and appreciation.

These are the special times when you get to gush and pour your heart out to God, with no judgment or anything holding you back. Of course, we should not be ashamed if we are caught in the act of praise because we serve a great God and we want everyone to know Him as well!

That being said, it is probably best to use discernment when and where you shout your loudest praise. This may be a time to save your loudest praise for the comfort of your home or car.


#3 Accompany your prayer with music

Did you know that there’s a music genre of faith-based instrumental music? Yes, there are very talented music artists who solely perform music with their faith as the foundation for instrumental music.

I was personally made aware of this in the past few years and I must admit the most powerful music track I have in my worship and praise playlist is an instrumental track. It is hard to explain fully, but for me, this track opens my mind to imagining an interaction with Jesus Christ. I have another instrumental track that zips me away to an ocean where I imagine myself as a monk of a monastery, standing alone next to the waves. 

In my opinion, I believe faith-based instrumental music can stimulate our imagination to form whatever scene or lyrics we wish. This allows us to show praise in a very personal way.

Have you ever tried listening to music during prayer? I encourage you to try it out. For me, it can enhance the prayer experience. I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes it is nice to have a soft, calming faith-based instrumental in the background as I pray. What to try it out? Simply search for videos or your music streaming service for “prayer music”. Let us know what you find!


 Wrap Up

Today we discussed 3 ways to worship God with praise. We discussed the power of raising our voices with others to sing, sending a powerful message of gratitude and love to God as one. We discussed the opportunity to praise God solo. Singing with or without music, whether it is a whisper or shouting praise at the top of our lungs, showing praise to God helps to strengthen our relationship and connection with God and is one of the ways we can truly express our gratitude to him with our mind, body, and soul. We don’t even have to be a great singer to show praise! Lastly, we discussed how praise music can enhance our prayer experience. I shared a couple examples of how I enjoy faith-based instrumental music alongside prayer to stimulate my mind to imagine ways I may interact with my Creator. 

Worship of God with praise is a powerful and effective way for God to see our intention to be close to Him, to thank Him, and to celebrate Him.

I believe there is no single right or wrong way to praise. You may praise by singing from a hymnal, a choir, and a string quartet, or you may praise by turning up the praise music in your car and signing out loud as you drive down the road. Either way, praise God in a way that feels right to you. Let it be intentional and let it be sincere. God will always be delighted with your praise. 

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