Stand Up For What’s Right

How can we hold on to our faith amid unfair circumstances? How can we stand up for what’s right in situations where there is wrongdoing? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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Hello, welcome to Walking in Step with God. I am Steve McDonald. Today we explore the topic “Stand Up For What’s Right” as we continue our series “Living a Courageous Life”. 

All too often, as we walk with God and walk in the world, we find ourselves experiencing or witnessing unfairness and wrongdoing. How should we act when we learn of unfairness? How should we proceed when we become aware of wrongdoing? In today’s episode let’s explore 3 ways that we can stand up for what’s right as we walk with God. Let’s discuss ways to lean on our faith to bring light into the world and do right in the face of wrongdoing. 

Let us learn the ways that God can use us and equip us to push back against wrongdoing and bring fairness into circumstances where it is desperately needed.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick break. I will be right back.

Welcome back. Let’s continue discussing 3 ways we can stand up for what’s right as we deal with unfairness and wrongdoing in our lives. 

#1 Help those who are in need

There are plenty of examples of unfairness in the world concerning things that we have very little control over. There are people in the world born into poverty or born into a region of the world where security, resources, and basic human needs are lacking. Some persons suffer from physical handicaps or mental health challenges through no fault of their own. There are even people living on our sidewalks and in shelters as a result of financial insecurity. 

The need is great in our society to help those in need, but those who are willing to do so are few. According to my research, if the wealthiest persons on Earth donated a small percentage of their net worth, over 2 billion people on Earth could lifted out of poverty.

Making a difference doesn’t require a fortune.  We can all play a part in helping someone in need. Helping someone in need could entail providing food or water to someone dealing with hunger. It could be volunteering within an organization that provides essential support to vulnerable communities.

If you have the means to help someone in need, please do not shy away from these opportunities. Ask God to direct you to situations where you can provide some level of support for an individual or even an entire community.

#2 Respond to acts of wrongdoing

It is a fact that there is good and evil in the world. Evil manifests in countless ways. There are many circumstances in which wrongdoing is done and there is little we could do on our own to respond.

There are other situations where we can make a difference by pushing back against wrongdoing. As we go about our interactions with others in the world, we will likely encounter situations where someone is wronged in some way. Envy, greed, pride, and wrath are the root cause of many forms of wrongdoing. The list of situations one could encounter is almost endless, but there are some situations where we can respond to wrongdoing.

We can comfort someone who is dealing with sadness due to wrongdoing. In some cases, we can provide guidance and counsel for those who have experienced wrongdoing and are not sure what to do next. If it is safe to do so, we can report illegal and unlawful behavior in the workplace – in particular wrongdoing directed toward others such as bullying or harassment. Often, workplaces can provide ways to anonymously report incidents of wrongdoing. Of course, always use discernment, good judgment, and discretion when it comes to reporting wrongdoing in the workplace. 

Ask God to equip you with wisdom on how to respond to wrongdoing in your midst and expect guidance from Him.

#3 Pray for justice

So far today, we have discussed situations where we can become directly involved in standing up for what is right. There are many situations, however, where unfairness and wrongdoing are occurring and there is absolutely nothing we can do personally to affect the situation.

As an example, there are people in the world with tremendous power but gain their power through greed, pride, and wrath. The news reports on most days reveal the pain and suffering of those at the hands of others and their evil deeds. There is very little any of us can do when we witness unfairness and wrongdoing at a distance, but there -is- One who can do something, the almighty God.

You see, God has promised us that if we seek justice for a situation He will indeed ensure justice is served. Only God knows the true intentions of our hearts. God knows the intentions of those who conduct evil deeds. When we pray for justice in a situation, we can trust that God will bring justice.

Justice can come in many forms, and justice from God’s point of view may not take place in the time or the manner we think is best. But let us defer to God as to how justice is served knowing that absolutely no one on earth, regardless of their wealth and power, can escape the arm of God.

When you witness unfairness or wrongdoing, stand up for what is right by asking God to bring justice to those who are responsible – and know it will be done. 



Wrap Up

In today’s episode, we discussed the idea of standing up for what is right as we walk with God and walk in the world. 

We outlined several ways that we can all help someone in need, whether it is an individual or an entire community. We discussed the importance of responding to wrongdoing. While it is not always appropriate or wise to deal with the offenders of wrongdoing directly, there are mechanisms in place in our society to report wrongdoing and unfairness to allow law enforcement or proper authorities to step in. These mechanisms are not perfect, so we should always ask God for guidance and wisdom as to how to report wrongdoing. 

Lastly, we discussed the fact that at the end of the day, we can always ask God to intervene. We can ask God to bring justice to those who are at the root of wrongdoing. God is our protector and is the only one who can intervene in all situations in a way that is measured and appropriate. God’s timing and method for justice may not match what we had in mind, but we can trust God’s decisions around justice – knowing they will be complete.

When we walk with God, it is not always about us. Sometimes, our walk involves interacting with others in our society. Stand up for what is right. Use wisdom and discernment as to how to approach each situation, but lean on God for guidance when it comes to shining your light where there is darkness in the world.

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