Divine Perfection in Imperfection: How God’s Power Shines Through Our Flaws

Do you ever feel as though you are flawed? Do you give up or never start on a thing because you assume you are not good enough? How does God's power shine through those of us whom society considers imperfect? 🤔 Let's discuss!

In a heartfelt and vulnerable message, Steve McDonald, founder of Walking in Step with God shares his personal journey of coping with a physical imperfection caused by Bell’s Palsy. Addressing societal pressures and the fear of judgment, Steve opens up about his initial concerns regarding his ministry and the impact of his appearance on his message.

Through introspection and guidance from God, Steve discovers a profound truth: imperfections do not hinder the work of God. He realizes that by embracing his condition and showing up authentically, he can demonstrate the power of faith and encourage others to overcome their own perceived flaws.

Steve’s story serves as a powerful reminder that our imperfections do not define us in the eyes of God. He encourages everyone to seek strength, courage, and guidance from God, emphasizing that God is willing and able to work with what we consider our shortcomings. Steve’s journey inspires us to confront our insecurities, ask for God’s help, and pursue His plans for our lives with confidence.

As we embrace our imperfections, we unlock the potential for extraordinary things and find the courage to be truly ourselves, empowered by God’s unwavering love and acceptance.

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I am very excited to bring this brand-new message to you.  This is the first message in a little over 2 months and I will explain why shortly. I’d like to share a very personal experience with you about how I have coped with a ‘flaw’ in my life. I would like to share how God can shine through us even when we conclude that our flaws will get in the way.

In a culture where vanity reigns supreme and anything short of perfection is considered a weakness, it is no wonder why we at times will condition ourselves to feel that we are incapable of doing things in life due to what society may consider makes us different from others.

There are many ways in which you and I can be different from one another.  Skills, emotions, heritage, race, gender, work experience, and even physical.  In this episode, I want to focus in a physical attribute that has made me different than most.

In March of 2023, I was diagnosed with a condition by the name of Bell’s Palsy. The condition results in facial muscle weakness or paralysis that is typically temporary but lasts for an unpredictable amount of time.  I have learned the condition can last anywhere from weeks to many months.  For me, at the time of this message, the condition and the symptoms of the condition remains at 2 and ½ months.  The left side of my face now has very weakened muscles. This affects my ability to blink or close my left eye and it affects my ability to eat and drink.  This is due to the fact that roughly ½ of the muscles around my mouth, lips, and jaw function properly. Additionally, as a result of the lack of muscle control, my speech is somewhat slurred.

I’d like to walk you through some of this experience and how this condition has affected me over the months.

When I was first diagnosed, among the first thoughts that followed was what I would do with this ministry.

After all, up until that time I had recorded all of the messages on video and audio. The thought went through my mind that podcasts would not be largely affected, but how on earth would I do video recordings looking as I do right now?

I want to confess something to all of you.  I didn’t know how people would handle seeing the disfigurement on my face.  I was concerned, especially for persons brand new to the ministry, seeing me (and my face) for the very first time,  that the disfigurement of my face would be a distraction from the message.  I even had a fleeting thought that people would find the disfigurement so appalling, that they would stop playing the video message altogether.

I ruminated in this place for quite some time. I didn’t think my concerns were totally unreasonable.  People turn away from uncomfortable things. It is human nature.  It takes a bit of courage to face discomfort willingly.  For example, we walk past and around a homeless individual laying on the street as though they are debris on the sidewalk.  

I thought about what others might do in my position.  What would my pastor do at my church? Would he find a replacement for his messages until he was healed?  Would he do the messages anyway looking like I do?  I found it difficult to believe anyone in entertainment would continue with this condition.  On-screen, beauty and perfection is paramount.   Then again, my pastor and the entertainment industry serve two different audiences.

During this time of contemplation, I thankfully had access to a quote I learned from Joyce Meyer.

“God wants you to have peace knowing that your imperfections will not and cannot stop Him from working in your life…”

Joyce Meyer

Despite this quote, I struggled and pondered and ultimately decided not to record any messages and to use the time to update my oldest messages.  I reasoned that this would give me 9 weeks to recover.  By that time, prayerfully, I would appear back to normal and all of you would not have known of my situation.

My friends, that is not what God had in mind.  He reminded me through a few conversations that actually showing up as I have in this message today would be far more powerful than hiding my face. 

That if I am coming to you each week, asking you to trust me when I say you can trust God with all of your heart, regardless of the circumstances, then I have an opportunity here to practice what I preach – literally.

When the 9 weeks had elapsed last week, I had a decision to make.  Would I continue to hide my face – perhaps record podcasts only until my face was back to normal and do ‘video podcasts’ as they are called?  Or, would I lean into God with all of my being, asking Him to give me the strength and courage to show my face and demonstrate that with Him, any of us can accomplish anything if it is His will – despite what we consider to be shortcomings?  I asked that if it was His will that He would give me the strength to power through the emotions of embarrassment and not be ashamed of my appearance.

So, here I am.  I hope that the appearance of my face or the slur in my voice does not distract you more than the words of this message.  If it does, there is not much I can do – but for the rest of you, I want you to see the evidence of asking God for strength through what you consider to be flaws – what you consider to be show-stoppers. 

As a matter of fact, let us actually shift the tone just a little bit.  When we look at the word ‘flaw’ the definition is actually that something is considered ‘wrong’ or a ‘defect’.

One could say, that the condition and appearance of my face are ‘defective’ or ‘wrong’. I am going to choose a different, kinder word that we can use.  Instead of ‘flaw’, let us use the word Joyce Meyer did – ‘imperfection’. ‘Imperfect’ can be defined as ‘less than perfect’.  So, let us agree that the appearance of my face is an ‘imperfection’ according to you and me.

While that works for you and me, let us also understand that God does not see me at this moment as imperfect.  I know God sees me as perfectly made even with this condition.  I have no idea when my face will appear as it did 3 months ago, but until then, God is not hampered in any way, shape, or form from working through me and with me to continue to bless you through this ministry.  My friends, nothing, no thing is impossible for God.

By the Glory of God, I am here, sharing this message with you. Not on my strength alone, but by God supplying me with the courage and strength to share this message despite what people may think of my appearance. 

By the Glory of God, I continue to be blessed with a dream job that includes favor, influence and abundance – where I can appear this way on video calls without fear or shame.

By the Glory of God, I continue to have a healthy family, peace in my heart, and even moments of joy even though there is frustration from time to time dealing with the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy.

My dear friends, here is what you need to know today.  If God’s will was for me to deliver this message, and as a result, He was willing to supply me with the courage and strength to deliver this message to you with my face and voice as they are, then He is also willing to work with what you perceive to be your imperfections.  God is willing and able to give you strength, give you courage, give you the platform, give you the means, order your steps, open the doors, close the doors, lay the path for you to accomplish His will despite what you feel are your imperfections.  Despite what you feel are things about yourself that will get in the way of success. 

By the way, every one of you, every single one of you is considered perfectly made by our Almighty God.  Despite what your friends, family, co-workers, or society labels you, you are perfectly made in the eyes of God.

That being said, it is my hope and prayer that you consider that if Steve McDonald can deliver this and future messages with God’s help, then you too can accomplish anything that is God’s will with His help. 

Is there an ‘imperfection’ about yourself that you feel is holding you back? I want to invite you to Ask God for help, ask God to provide you with what you need to accomplish His plans for you despite what you perceive to be an imperfection. God delights in doing extraordinary things with those of us who are ordinary, and even those of us whom society considers ‘imperfect’. Go out my brothers and sisters and be – extraordinary.


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