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Gavin L. Turner

I was put in a very compromising position/situation in my life. Much of it stemmed off from the fact that the professional people that I went to for help many years ago didn't take the time to troubleshoot and try to get to the root of some of my problems. Then that led to a very destructive road because actually some of the medicines that I was on caused other health issues damaged an endocrine gland at the base of my brain which is supposed to make hormones essential for many important functions in the body. This has caused very bad insomnia where it's hard to work, hard to sustain relationships, etc. I'm really struggling not only with alot of bitterness and resentment over all that's happened, and the position that it's put me in, but now with a bad habit to pornography that I otherwise likely never would have picked up. Then that habit has opened up the doorway wide to demonic oppression, alot of torment in my mind, etc. I shared the story with a pastor sometime back and his reply was yeah Satan sure has tried to destroy your life. And I feellike without a doubt that's at the root of alot of these struggles is the enemy coming against someone he knows could be a good witness to God's power, and could also help alot of others out to with all the knowledge that I have in some areas as well. I need a real breakthrough here hopefully soon as I can't take much more of going around and around in a bunch of circles. I need healing from some health issues, and also now deliverance because of the doors that were opened up to spiritual attack and torment.

Received: November 17, 2023

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