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Gavin L. Turner

Asking for prayers that some of the law enforcement officers God deals with them for some of the nonsense they are doing. It's very corrupt and unethical conduct. I'm a nice guy who likes to help people out, and been through hell on earth and I don't need this nonsense. Simply because a major error was made and I called Amador mistake out that was made by some people, then rather than do the wise thing, and come to me and say sorry people made things worse by trying to cover up their mess. It about don't get any sicker than what happened, and you know I never thought that I could have hatred in my heart for anyone until some of this stuff happened. Truly Satan himself was behind the scenes pulling alot of strings and influencing some people to do what they did. I'm also asking for prayers that I can heal from the trauma and the pain that was inflicted upon me, and forgive, because as most are aware unforgivenss is like poison you know, and this is so not like, it's just the nature of what went down. And no one should think that they should get away with something like this. This is all really hindering me from progressing forward with life, and doing the work that God's called me to do. Also asking for prayers of deliverance from a spirit of fear, I believe all.of the trauma opened me up to that.

Received: March 8, 2024

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