Going Deeper with the Word – Be Authentic in Your Faith

How can we be authentic in our faith? Should we keep our faith under wraps or should we aim to set an example in our walk with God? 🤔 Let's discuss.

Welcome to “Going Deeper with the Word.” In this segment, we welcome people of all backgrounds, religious or not, to review the Word of God. The Word of God provides guidance, direction, and instructions for living our lives and walking with God. 

Today, we examine how God’s Word provides clear guidance and direction about being authentic in our walk with God and in our faith.

Let’s review examples of God’s Word that can lead and guide our steps and back up the principles we learned in today’s message. I will be reading scripture today from the Amplified Bible.

Here is our first verse:

‭Matthew 5:14-16 AMP ‬ ‭

In this verse, Jesus explains quite clearly the importance of showing the world the evidence of our faith. The reference to a city set on a hill and a lamp in a home illustrates the impact our works in faith have on those who are observing not only our actions but how we show up in the world. 

When was the last time you performed an act in public that is rooted in your faith? Let us know in the comments.


Let’s have a look at another verse.

Commit your way to the Lord;

Trust in Him also and He will do it.

‭Psalm 37:5 ‭AMP‬

In this verse, a psalm of King David we read quite simply that when we bring our thoughts, hopes, and desires before the Lord, we can trust fully in Him. This is not always easy, especially when there are matters where time is of the essence and it seems as though taking things into our own hands will be necessary.

God asks us to trust in Him. He is already aware of every detail of our circumstances, even more than we do, so let us trust Him fully and completely.

Have you recently had a situation where you surrendered your concerns to God about a situation and asked Him for strength? Share your experience in the comments.

Let’s look at one last verse.

He who walks [as a companion] with wise men will be wise,

But the companions of [conceited, dull-witted] fools [are fools themselves and] will experience harm.

Proverbs 13:20 AMP
‬ ‭

In this verse, King Solomon shares the importance of keeping company with the wise and not of so-called fools. Being around others who act in ways that do not honor God is not always avoidable, but we can make sure to keep our hearts and minds on God, regardless of what is in the room. If and when we are put on the spot to choose between going with the flow or honoring God, we must find the strength to focus on our relationship with God first and foremost.

Have you experienced a time when you were put on the spot to do something that you knew would not honor God? What was the outcome? Share in the comments.

Thank you for your time in reviewing these verses with me today. Please be sure to share in the comments how these or other examples of God’s Word have helped you be authentic in your faith. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share encouragement. Here @walkinginstepwithGod we truly appreciate your support. We are fully committed to Christ and the community. We invite you to join us in fellowship and to seek opportunities for fellowship in your local community as well.


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