Topic - Being content

Discover the joy and peace that comes with being content. Explore the importance of gratitude, the benefits of simplicity, and the impact of perspective on finding satisfaction in life. Whether you’re seeking to cultivate contentment in the midst of challenges or looking to deepen your walk with God, messages in this topic can provide valuable insights and inspiration to help you live a more fulfilling life with a greater sense of peace and purpose.

Is Your Reality Fair?

Why do we experience suffering when we are trying to walk in step with God? Does God have a plan that includes allowing us to experience struggle? Is our reality fair when we are trying to live as God asks us to live, but our lives are filled with...

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Don’t Get Bitter

Is it okay to be bitter when you have prayed to God and the answer seems to be ‘No’? How can we cope when we pray for something we feel we need and it seems as though God does not agree? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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In the Face of Uncertainty

What do we do in the face of uncertainty? How do we go about our lives, not knowing what is around the corner? How can God equip us to face the unknown? 🤔 Let's discuss.

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